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The B.R.O. Meat Locker Page!

 'Then King Jesus will say, For in as much as you have done anything for one of the youngest of these, My Brothers & Sisters, you've done it unto Me'

Matthew 25:40

This page is dedicated to folks of all ages who can bring the meat home!

Click HERE to send me your pictures for the Meat Locker Page!!

Tyler Redman with his 1st Turkey!!      Khalil Newkirk filling up the freezer!


8 year old Kameron Moore with an awesome youth day 2021 buck in Va.

Jeremiah Cornelsin got his 1st deer! Congrats buddy!!

Polly Cornelison is bringing home the bacon!!

Meet the Gas-House Gang in North Carolina! They had a great season!

Cole Everett with his 1st and 2nd Deer taken in GA!

Hello Wade,

My son Cole got his 1st 2 deer this year. He is 11. 1st deer was 10/23/21 with his Ruger American .270 (left handed version) at Everett Ponderosa in Screven County GA with me sitting right beside him. Literally the best hunt of my life, even though no trophy was taken. 

2nd one was dog hunting at Turkey Branch in Effingham County GA on 12/31/21 with friends (taken with the best birthday present ever from his Grandaddy - a left handed Benelli SBE3). I am a proud papa this season and Cole-Man sure put some meat in the freezer! Only thing I regret is that I didn't have him load one of my hand loaded buckshot,  but that will come


The folks in Mississippi are starting to bring home the venison!

Nothin' like a hunt with your daughter! Ain't that right PeeWee!                                Congats to Grayson Sanford on a great Buck!

Khalil Newkirk can bring the venison home!

Donald Hobbs with some Florida porkchops!!

The catfish are biting in Va!

Hannah with and awesome Va. Buck!       Jason Dunlap with a great NC Buck!

Jason also helped us all by taking out a fawn-killer!!

Youth Day in Florida at the Haw Creek Hunt Club!

Several young folks got their 1st deer on this hunt! Congrats to all invloved in this awesome event!!


The Campbell Family in Southern Arkansas

Janne Riikonen from Finland has gotten his Fall started!!

Deer Season Fall 2020 and early 2021!

Tristian Simmons with a great Mississippi Buck!

Wayne Berry has harvested 2 great Mississippi Bucks!!

Amelia Gardner with another Mississippi Buck!

13 year old Michael Scott with a great buck!

Ricky Harris and crew took these 2 fine Va. Bucks back in Jan. 2020!

The Michelin Family from Elgin SC can catch some fish!


Below are some pics from the Gene Morris Family!



Steve Haller with a beautiful Piebald Buck taken in Va.

Coy McCall from Fla. with some bacon!        Grayson Pippin with a Virginia Buck


Walker Duncan with his 1st Goose! Upstate SC...

Mr Joe Riley (Owner of Rhino Boats & Joe's Motor Service) with a 195 pound 8 point taken in front of the hounds in southern Alabama!


Kendall Chavis with his 1st deer! Congrats buddy!!    Zeb Johnson with his 1st deer taken in 2018!!

Zeb got a great Doe with his shotgun on Youth day 2020!

                         Zeb Johnson got more meat with his Tristar Viper 12 ga. in 2019!                             Daniel Simms with a spike buck!

Ryan Van from Sumter SC with some great meat!


Mike Medero with a beautiful early season 6 pt. taken with a Muzzle-loader!

Young Miss Mcminn with a couple of Gobblers from back in 2012!


Dylan Strickland with his 1st 2 deer taken with his Buckshot Reloads!

Dennis Sherwood tagged out on Gobblers this season shooting his Reloads! Birds taken near Ayden NC...

Spring-time Crappie in SC!!


Chris Strickland from Ga. is tearing em up in the River!

Look at the size of that Redbreast!!

Jason & His daughter Brook from Westmoore NC

Paul & Joey Goldsmith in Upstate SC can bring the meat home!

Here's some pics from the 2020/2021 season:

Joey Goldsmith with 2 late season 2018 bucks and another great buck in 2019!

Paul Goldsmith from Upsate SC!

Baylor Peaks with a Big ole Nanny taken at the Rabbit Pen Hunt Club on 12-23-2018

Jamie Dooley with 2 great bucks!

Jeffery Atkins got 2 awesome meat deer with his A-5 Browning!

Ernest Legitt with some fine S.C. pork for the freezer!!


Damien Vandervoet 1st Deer and a Cottontail for the stew pot! Congrats Damien!!

Jeff Williams taking down the predators in Michigan!!

Below are the Folks with Bayou Bad Boyz Outdoors!

The Shannon Schivers Crew!

Dwayne Edwards from North Augusta SC!


Jeff Sides with a great buck taken on a dog drive!

Leon Guthrie & Son from TX!

Mitch Williams with his Stepson Caleb with a nice limit of Woodies!


Bently Cohoon with his 1st Deer!! Congrats Buddy!!

Mason Poe from Bibb Co. Alabama with his 1st Buck! Taken with 20 gauge buckshot!

Joey Goldsmith from Upstate SC with a great Buck!

Joseph Blackman with his 1st Buck! Deer was taken with a .270 Win. 140 grain Hornady Interlock, American Whitetail Ammo.

Wes Hutchens took a great meat Doe with his 7mm-08 using 140 gr. Federal Vital Shok! Check out that blood trail folks!


Jason Green's Buck! Taken with 3" Buckshot Reloads!

Zack Wilson with a great Muzzle-loader 6 point!

Zander Trammel 1st Deer! Taken on Youth Hunt in SC!

Paul Ward 8 Pt.                Walter Cayton 8 Pt.


Jerry Meadows family...

Dom Cates & Paul Price using the old Russian rifles to bring home the venison! The Mosin Nagant is an awesome hunting rifle folks!

Dallas Sprouse from Gilbert SC with a nice Buck!

Fur season is up and running in Finland! (Janne Riikonan)

Walker Duncan bringin' home the Turkey Meat! 4-14-2018

taken in Traveler's Rest in Upstate SC!

Bryson Ashe from Pelion SC with a rare Mallard/Pintail Hybrid taken in Kansas!    Sisto Zavala with a nice Steelhead caught in Riggins Idaho!  


Mr Hall with a Roanoak River Striper from back in the day!

Gordan Callicutt with some Monster NC River Cats!

Jeff Atkins caught this nice mess of Shellcrackers off the beds on 4-15-2018!

The Wounded Warrior Hunt in NC December 2017!

Hannah & daughter Fawn Hattaway hitting the bucks in January!

Videos below are courtesy of the 'Huntin' with Hattaway' YouTube channel!


Louis Montague pics from the Dog Hunts in Perry Mississippi!

Nico Casey Family from Alberta Canada!

Janne RiiKonen from Finland!

                                                          Teemu and his dog Lihava with a Metso Bird!                     Unna posing with a couple of Teeri Birds!

The Paul Wolpert family from the SC low country!


Paul's European Mount!

Paul has been into some great Santee Cooper fishing!

Young Mr. Wolpert following in dad's footsteps!

Glenn Dunn from Northern La.

Logan Meadows

The guys in Utah are taking Ducks now!

Keith Gee

They were using their own Steel Handloads! Looks like they worked well for them!

Shelby Decker age 12 taking 1st Deer!


Gunner Jackson's 1st Deer! New Hampshire

Look at that smile folks! That's what hunting is about...

Check out this Crossbow shot by J.J. Stitt from Ohio!

The Jack Middleton Family from Waycross Ga.

9 Year old Matt Middleton with 1st Deer!

Jack's 1st Buck taken with his Buckshot hand-loads!


Jeffery Dinino & the boys & girls from Southern Louisiana!

David Miller of the 'Big Rack Hunt Club' in Jeffersonville GA.

Big Rack Hunt Club Bucks taken during Muzzleloader season!

David is on fire this season folks!


Tray Fauntleroy from VA.


Jason & Blade Holcomb!

Ryne Scherffius & the guys from So. Missouri!

Adam Eller from North Queensland Australia!


The Sloan & Lakehurst Gang up in NJ stacking up the Venison!


The Sanders Family fron Xenia Ohio!

Bryan, Luke & Olivia posing with some fry-meat!


The Boys in Southern Alabama are gettin' it done!

The Shirah Boys from left to rt: Jacob & Ethan! Bringin' the venison home...


The Shirah boys are growin' up!


Below is the Ryan Pensel Crowd!

Ryan is Host of 'Big Pensel's Outdoors!'

The folks from Orangeburg SC!

Santee Cooper Crappie!



Dave Badock from Vancouver Island Canada!

Big Salmon & a Black-tail Buck!

Raymond Azar

The Marty Buehrien family from Missouri

Marty with daughter Cassidy big 4 pt!                                                     Emma with a Monster Doe!

Marty with daughter Emma BIG 8 Point!


Robbie Mclean from NC!


Phil Davis from SC!

4 Pt & an 8 Pt Taken at Blackville SC by B.R.O. Host Wade Rush! Video Below!


Young folks can get the job done when it's time to fill the freezer!!

             Alex Matthews 1st Deer!                          Jordan Carter & Will!                 Hannah Hattaway 1st Bow Kill!     Jaydon Callicutt's 1st Catfish!



Dayton Allen's 1st Squirrels!                               Dylan Detablan 135 LB 7 Point. 1st Deer!!                                         Ty Ratcliff


   Cade Bennett opening Day TOM!           Jacob Ledbetter (Lake Keowee Crappie)          Dakotah King 1st Deer!                            Drake Ariail 1st Deer!


        Lilli Ariail... Just 1 of many caught that day!                                Liam Keenan (Franklin Va.)                                       Luke Brown 1st Deer!!


Fawn Hattaway the Bream Buster!                 Fawn is now the Bass Master!                   Patrick Pinner 1st Deer!                      Miss Toman with her 1st Bass!


Russ with a couple Blue-Bills!  Garret Shank with Penn St. Buck   Fawn Hattaway (2016) Fawn Hattaway (2017) 1st squirrel!!


Caden Barnes with Spike Buck!    Carl Hanson from Lex. Tenn. 1st deer!       Walker Cayton with a nice buck!          Clayton Pagentt with a young Buck!



Blain Moody from Iowa


 Jared Cambell from Arkansas


 Jared's nephew Bobby with his 1st deer!!


Michael Seager from England

Muntjac Deer taken early season 2017!

Management Fallow buck called a 'Pricket' taken in England by Michael Seager in 2016!

Management Roe buck taken in England by Michael Seager in 2017. Mike did a European mount with this buck!


More Good Folks that can get the job done & fill the freezer!

          Duane Gravley                                                      Josh Scott & Son Mason!                                            Daniel Dickson


                    Homer Gordan                                                                          Matthew Dickson                    


                                            Matthew Dickson & Homer Gordan                                              Buck taken by David Brown in York SC! 

TJ Keisler with a Wateree Slug!             Kenny Terrell 120 lb Doe!                  Colby Flowers                      Lawrence Smith


                                                                                                       Kameron Mazyck


Winston Mazyck                  Jim Brev's Grandson 'Conner'                    Jim the 'Wound-Master' 1st Deer!


'Wound-Master' Spot & Stalk Doe with a Bow!        Miles Salmons 2015 Spring Tom!              Nikki Evans 1st Bow-kill!     Thoms Crowder


             Anthony Hattaway Spring Tom with Triple Beard!                   Sheldon Grant 1st Deer!

          Justin Huff 1st Turkey                        Matt Keyser's 1st Deer            Jason Holbrook with a nice Bass!


                   Jamie Dooley's Does                             Jody Conley's 4 Point          Dalton Ritch 1st Deer!!


Jamie Dooley & Grand-daughter! Last day!      Anthony Hattaway (2016)              Charles Luke Family


      Young Mr. Dunn 1st Deer!      The Buck & Does pictured below courtesy of Mr. Glenn Dunn from Northern Louisiana!


Randy Cox from Taylorsville Ga. 4 point      Jamie Dooley's Meatlocker buck!     Frank Rhodes' Meatlocker deer 80 yards Rem 1100!


      Cody Wallis Buck taken in Georgia!      Johnny Lisk & his Uncle 4 pt & 7 pt taken in Hamlet NC!   Derrick Hassell 6 pt!


Chad Davis with a Big Ole Coyote!      Freezer meat taken by Earl Haynes Jr.        Jeremy Runion 1st deer taken in Lexington SC!


  Kierstyn Barnes with dad (John's) Florida Buck!                                 Katie Lamb with a great 8 point!                                         Cody Albair with a good buck taken in front of the dogs!

                                                             Bucks taken by Larry Alexander!

         Semaj Matthew with a good buck!                                              Mr & Mrs Robert Garnsey with some nice bucks!

Taken By Byron Husband!                   Squirrels taken by David Grey in Alabama!                     Jim Snead 5 pt Virginia!


     James 1st Deer!             Joe Huff with a great Tom!      Buck taken by Nick Rogers!   David Gray from Fayette AL.


    Kenlee Griffith from Blackville SC!                        8 Pt Taken by Tim Vinson at Blackville SC             Caleb Jackson took this doe with a .69 cal Ball reload!


Mrs. Danny Williams with a nice doe

taken with her Marlin 336 in 30-30 Win!              Ben Holloway with a truck load of venison!!


 Rocky Woodrick's grandson Haydon with Boar

Taken at Honey Island Texas!

J. D. Meadows

 J.D. posing with the Georgia State Record Typical Buck!

 Miss Meadows 1st deer!

 Georgia Black Bear!

Charles Wheeler


Brian Durham


Ron Keiper from Pickens SC!


Phillip Hibbert 1st Buck!!


La Tron Cooper (Nice Bass!)


Jared Campbell from Arkansas!

Kevin Bennet from SC!

The Pinner Family from Va.

These Young'uns are some shooters!

Tracy Mcneely & Duane Sanford on Lake Wateree!

Tracy with a 30+ LB Bluecat!                Tracy's Grandson with his 1st fish!             Duane with his 1st Bass of 2015!


Duane & Nick on Lake Wateree 4-11-2015!


Jason Bell & His Dad with a load of Southern Indiana Panfish!


The Goldsmith Family from Up-state SC!

                        Joey Goldsmith with a good Doe & a 5 Point!                                                                                                 Paul Goldsmith with 5 Point!


Jen Goldsmith with her 1st Deer!                                                                           Joey with a truck load of meat!


Joey can fill up the freezer for sure!

John gets 2015 off to a great start with a good 8 point!


Paul gets 2016 off to a good start!



                                   Ray Daughety with a 9 Point taken

                                     with his Knight Muzzle Loader!                 Tyrek Goode (8 Point taken with his Stoeger M3000!)


Dalton West with 4 taken on Management Hunt!          Tanner Goepfert with a WI. Buck!



The Bruce Staley Family

The Stacy Woody Family from NC!



The Labar Family from PA!

Black Bear!


J.D. Meadows


The Doyle Family from Connecticut!


The Barton Family

Papa with a doe & Jordan removing some backstraps!!


Danny Williams


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